REALTIME team up with Codemasters for F1 23 ‘Braking Point 2’

Two years after the critically acclaimed F1® 2021, we have teamed up with our old friends at Codemasters once again for the eagerly anticipated F1® 2023 Braking Point 2. Our team crafted over fifty minutes of in-game cinematics using the latest in-engine solution and state-of-the-art performance capture tools.

Braking Point 2 allows players to immerse themselves in a compelling racing story that gives a unique peek behind the curtain of the world of Formula One. The story revolves again around rival drivers Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler, but with the added twist of them being teammates for the newly formed Konnersport Butler Racing Team, alongside a new female driver, Callie Mayer.

REALTIME was tasked with creating cutscenes that ranged from emotional character performances right through to on-track action, featuring intense races and high-speed collisions.

“The visual fidelity we were able to achieve this time around was a huge step up from F1 2021. Everything from the lighting to the skin shaders and facial animation, we advanced every single element of our render quality.” Says Ian Jones, CG Director. 

REALTIME heads to Gamescom

Our games team are headed to Germany this month to attend Devcom and Gamescom in Cologne.

If you’d like to meet and chat about all things games, cinematics, launch trailers, commercials, or VFX support for your projects, drop them a line:

Dave Cullinane, Executive Producer: dave@realtimeuk.com

Callum Sibley, Executive Producer: callum.sibley@realtimeuk.com


FIFA 22 Team of the Year Trailer

It’s Team of the Year time! We were honoured to support EA SPORTS with range of in-engine shots for their FIFA 22 ‘Team of the Year trailer’, featuring Alex Scott.

FIFA 22 Launch Trailer

As huge football fans, we are proud to have supported EA SPORTS with a range of in-engine shots for their FIFA 22 official launch trailer.


REALTIME team up with Codemasters for F1 2021 ‘Braking Point’

F1® 2021 is a new next-generation racing experience launching on Friday July 16, featuring the teams, drivers and circuits for the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship™.  

In Braking Point, the brand-new story mode, players take on an epic journey, as they rise from the ranks of Formula 2™ to a shot at stardom in the world of Formula 1®. It immerses players into the glamorous world of F1®, giving a taste of the lifestyle both on and off the track: the rivalries, emotion and dedication needed to compete at the highest level.  

REALTIME was tasked with creating the dramatic cinematics for the ‘Braking Point’ story mode, from emotive performances with the protagonists to edge-of-your-seat track action. The game allows the player to select a team, with distinct branding, colours and uniforms. 

“F1® 2021 was our first major cinematic project where UE4 was used to replace a CPU renderer… the image quality is incredible. Even though it’s a game, the sky was the limit as to how good Codemasters wanted it to look.” Says Ian Jones, CG Director.