Dakar ’18

Bigmoon Entertainment’s ‘Dakar 18’ marks an important milestone for our studio as it’s our first game cinematic to be made within UE4. We’re proud to share our thrilling and breathtakingly realistic portrayal of the legendary Dakar Rally. The trailer was wholly made in the UE4 engine, except for the sand and dust VFX that were created in Houdini.

Using assets from the video game developed by Bigmoon Entertainment from the Unreal4 Engine, we prepared to make this cinematic trailer. The engines flexible technology allowed us to easily adapt our prerendered pipeline to the production process, so that we could make the most of our existing modelling, texturing and animation strengths alongside the live assets within the game. UE4 allowed our artists real-time feedback whilst developing each scene, which presents a more creative and fluid development process, offering great opportunities for inspired experimentation and a dynamic workflow.

Concept Art

Dakar Rally trailer - Realtime
Dakar Rally trailer - Realtime