F1® 23

Two years after the critically acclaimed F1® 2021, we have teamed up with our old friends at Codemasters once again for the eagerly anticipated F1® 2023 Braking Point 2. Our team crafted over fifty minutes of in-game cinematics using the latest in-engine solution and state-of-the-art performance capture tools.
We’re delighted to continue our partnership with REALTIME to bring the second chapter of F1 23’s Braking Point to life. The team mirrors our drive to deliver motorsport excellence, and we can’t wait for our players to get into the game and start playing.
Ian Flatt
VP F1 Development, Codemasters

Braking Point 2 allows players to immerse themselves in a compelling racing story that gives a unique peek behind the curtain of the world of Formula One. The story revolves again around rival drivers Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler, but with the added twist of them being teammates for the newly formed Konnersport Butler Racing Team, alongside a new female driver, Callie Mayer.

REALTIME was tasked with creating cutscenes that ranged from emotional character performances right through to on-track action, featuring intense races and high-speed collisions.


Our team’s goal for this project was simple: to improve upon our previous cutscene work with F1 in every way possible. From the animation to the graphical fidelity, we wanted Braking Point 2 to be a huge visual step-up, and our new rigging tool, Frankenstein, helped lay the groundwork for this. Designed in Maya, Frankenstein is our new modular rigging tool that helped speed up the process of rigging the characters and cars, allowing our pipeline to ingest the facial and motion capture data from our vendors and applying it back to the control rig, which was vital in providing consistency for our animators.

Performance Capture

In Braking Point 2, every in-game character is based on a real-life actor’s likeness and performance. To ensure we could accurately recreate the actor’s performance digitally, we held multiple performance capture shoots that utilised motion capture technology, and DI4D’s Head-Mounted Camera solution. Using this technology, we could capture intricate detail of the actor’s performance, from the inertia of the character’s face when they are talking to the subtlest of eye movements.

In-Engine Pipeline

We implemented a brand-new in-engine pipeline to render this project, using the latest tools to craft realistic groom and skin shaders, alongside stunning car and track renders with accurate global illumination, reflection, and refraction. The speed and flexibility of real-time rendering was crucial in delivering the project on time. Each scene could be tweaked based on client feedback much faster than a more traditional CPU renderer, which sped up production time significantly.

The visual fidelity we were able to achieve this time around was a huge step up from F1 2021. Everything from the lighting to the skin shaders and facial animation, we advanced every single element of our render quality.
Ian Jones