Lotus: Evora, Exige and Elise configurators

We are delighted to have created a truly world-class set of digital marketing solutions for Lotus Cars, including the recently launched online configurator for the fabulous 2020 model year Elise, Exige and Evora model lines. Even the recently launched Evora GT410 takes its place; a car which is wowing the world’s automotive press as we speak.

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“Following on from the world-beating Evija configurator, this online solution for our Elise, Exige and Evora models represents an achievement of no less significance for the Lotus brand and all its aficionados. We’re quite staggered by the realism and engagement delivered by the REALTIME team, not to mention the ease of use and simple back end. We look forward very much to our customers’ and dealers’ feedback over the coming months as it’s used and enjoyed in earnest.”

Alan Holroyd

Digital Marketing Manager at Lotus Cars

What did we do?

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a truly world-class set of digital marketing solutions

The Results

As Lotus Cars enters one of the most exciting chapters in its history, these models represent the best of the brand’s glittering 72-year history as it re-takes its rightful place on the world stage. Similarly, REALTIME has been waiting for the right opportunity for a global manufacturer to commission us to deploy such an extensive and joined-up set of marketing solutions for them. We’ve therefore built a photo-realistic online car configurator that, through nine views briefed and agreed with the Lotus Design team, delivers model derivatives and optional extras using a highly desirable and design-led, visual solution. We’ve crafted the navigation and the user experience in a way that guides the buyer through the process and increases their sense of engagement as they make their selections. The tool also includes a back-end system, built to deliver all pricing options to the customer, provide valuable marketing data to the Lotus team and allow them to make live updates for themselves. As well as the global, online configurator we’ve also created suites of marketing imagery and animations for each of the models for various regions around the world so that regional marketing can be correctly targeted to maximise the models’ appeal within each territory.

“We were inspired by the impressive lines and shapes of the Lotus Cars. Having such a striking subject matter meant that our team could really zero in on crafting a truly world class immersive configurator.”

Bhavini Shaha

Senior Producer

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