Need for Speed Unbound

It was a blast teaming up with EA & Criterion Games to create the official reveal trailer for Need for Speed Unbound. Boasting a gorgeous new visual style that blends elements of street art with the most realistic-looking cars in the franchise's history. Rapper, A$AP Rocky, also makes a special appearance in the trailer and will have his very own mode in the game.
AEAF Award
Big thanks to REALTIME for finding Mike & Payne to direct the NFS Unbound Reveal trailer. From their first pitch, we knew they understood our game and brand which they translated into ‘epicness’ with the NFS Unbound Reveal trailer. Thank you for the fantastic job!
Aurélie Bondon & Rob Bullough
Electronic Arts
Pulling together this trailer had its fair share of challenges, but the team at REALTIME rose to the occasion every time. Looking at the final product you’d never know about all the speed bumps we had to ride over. Every shot was handled with care, talent and artistry and we couldn’t be happier with the result.
Richard Payne & Mike Taylor