Nine to Five

We really enjoyed creating this fun cinematic for Redhill Games new game Nine to Five which was premiered at The Game Awards.

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“We had the pleasure of working with the REALTIME team in 2019 when we decided to announce our upcoming FPS shooter at The Game Awards."

Katya Dolgova

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder at Redhill Games

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In addition to E3, Gamescom and PAX events, The Game Awards 2019 is fast becoming one of the big events in the Video Games Calendar in which developers and publishers can connect with their players. The 2019 show which took place in December, and broadcast from the Microsoft Studios in Los Angeles, enjoyed 45 million livestreams during the event – one of the biggest audiences for an awards show of any entertainment medium.

It proved to be a perfect platform for Redhill Games to tease their new game ‘Nine to Five’ which is currently in development at the studios in Helsinki. Although little is yet known about the 3v3v3 first person tactical shooter, there is huge interest in what the team is developing given the level of seasoned talent that the studio has managed to attract. The trailer our team created is deliberately coy, playfully revealing what the game is… and is NOT!

Creating any trailer at relatively short notice can be an enormous challenge, but when it's for one of the most viewed online events in the games industry, the expectation to deliver something that truly stands out can be incredibly daunting. Regardless, the team rose to the occasion to create a piece that both acknowledges the talent of the newly formed development team, without giving too much away about the new game.


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