Sky Kingdoms: 7 Pirates

In this action-packed trailer, the challenge was to create a beautiful cinematic that would complement the game’s much lauded, and unique, graphical style. Our Hero’s quiet day is seemingly interrupted by the enemies of the game, leading to a full-scale battle that shows the breadth of the game’s beautifully realised world brought to life in cinematic form.

Sky Kingdoms is the first of a number of trailers to be released by REALTIME that have been created specifically for Chinese clients. ‘Sky Kingdoms’ is the latest hit mobile game from ‘7 Pirates’, the developers of the hugely successful ‘Ark of War’. In this fantastical strategy game, players compete to construct unstoppable mobile castles from which they command their dominance in a world of dragons and knights. With the Ode continent in peril and with its many Lords fighting amongst themselves, it is up to you As the Lord of a floating kingdom, to reunite the continent and claim your heavenly throne!

Character Design


“REALTIME were highly professional with great communication skills and patience, their quality levels were above and beyond our expectations. It was an honour to work with you all and thanks again for all the amazing work you’ve done!” – from 7 Pirates

Concept Art