REALTIME celebrates 25 years in the business

We are celebrating 25 years of REALTIME – a major milestone for an independent studio in the VFX and animation space. 

Launched in 1996, we started out in Archvis and CG imagery and animation for the automotive sector for clients including McLaren, Audi, and Ford. We soon found a new niche in creating award-winning video game trailers and in-game cinematics for clients across the globe, including Rare, Codemasters, Disney Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios. Our speciality in story-telling and character animation can be seen in viral trailers including SMITE: To Hell & Back, Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming and, more recently, Subnautica: Below Zero. 

In the last few years, we’ve made the move into the broadcast sector, crafting photorealistic VFX and animated characters for shows including BBC’s The War of the Worlds and Sky TV’s A Discovery of Witches. We established a TV VFX department to further support this effort, expanding the size of the studio by 60% in 2021. 

Says Tony Prosser, CEO: “It is an extremely exciting time to be in the CG space, as we are seeing a huge growth in the demand for high-quality content across the automotive, games and broadcast sectors. Being a local home-grown company from the North-West, we are hugely proud of our history and legacy. 

The focus for the next few years will be nurturing fresh talent that can benefit from the well-seasoned experts that we already have at REALTIME. Remote working is key to growing our team and during the pandemic we’ve proven, to ourselves and to our clients, that we can produce world class productions when we’re not all in the same room.” 

In our 25th year, we are also celebrating several award wins and nominations: our work on the second season of A Discovery of Witches is a finalist for Best VFX at the Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards and the viral trailer for Unknown Entertainment’s Subnautica: Below Zero won the Vega Digital Award for Best Animation. Both projects were awarded a ‘special merit’ at the AEAF awards earlier this year. 

Watch the below reel to find out more about how the studio started and our plans for the coming years:




Five Develop: Brighton events you don’t want to miss

This year I’m looking forward to Develop:Brighton more than ever. When I head down there next week, it’ll be the first in-person games conference I’ve attended since before COVID. I’ve missed the parties, the chats, bumping into old friends, meeting new ones and the inspiration that comes from walking around and seeing what incredible things people are doing in games at the moment. Things you can’t replicate working at home in your kitchen, no matter how hard you try. 

Alongside my colleague Ethan, Talent Acquisition Specialist at REALTIME, we’ve put together a list of the things we’re most looking forward to at Develop this year. Let us know what makes your list. 

The Expo Indie Showcase

Sponsored by TALENTHOUSE MEDIA FOUNDRY, the Expo indie showcase demo’s some of the best independently developed projects around – we can’t wait to try our hands at playing them and learning more about their development. 

Spill the Tea by the Sea with OMG!

We love the chance to chat over a cuppa and a slice of cake, so you’ll catch us at Out Making Games’ event on the seafront. OMG welcomes LGBTQIA+ games workers and allies to their Develop:Brighton queer tea party to network, mingle and connect by the sea. 

The Spirit of Independence: Challenges and Inspiration from Three Decades at the Top

Debbie Bestwick MBE  co-founder of Team17 and one of the only female founders of a games listed company in the world today, will be a keynote speaker on the ‘Spirit of Independence,’: covering everything from signing amazing games, building franchises, and transforming a business. We can’t wait to hear what she has to say about helping to build the studios of tomorrow and taking the UK stock market by storm.  

Running a 21st Century Games Studio

The final keynote ‘Running a 21st Centruy Games Studio‘ boasts a panel of who’s who in the UK games industry: Jonathan Smith (TT Games), Alex Grimonpont (Hi-Rez Studios), Sally Blake (Silent Games), Rami Ismail and Maria Sayans (ustwo games). The panellists will be discussing the challenges facing their studios today, how they navigated the pandemic and what the future holds. 

#RaiseTheGame Knowledge Drop Meet-Up with Women Making Games

As #RaiseTheGame pledge partners, we know how important talking about Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) issues and sharing knowledge between studios can be to drive change. We’re super excited to hear from Women Making Games and to be able to network with like-minded people.  

REALTIME is an award-winning CG studio that works with video game creators to produce amazing creative that excites and engages their audience. If you’re heading down to Brighton next week and want to catch up over coffee or a beer, drop me a line. We’re looking forward to hearing about your upcoming game releases and marketing plans. 


FIFA 22 Launch Trailer

As huge football fans, we are proud to have supported EA SPORTS with a range of in-engine shots for their FIFA 22 official launch trailer.


F1® 2021 | Braking Point – Behind the Scenes

Take a look at some exclusive behind-the-scenes insight on how we crafted the cinematics for F1® 2021‘s story mode – Braking Point. Featuring the teams, drivers and circuits for the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship™, we took the reins on crafting over thirty-five minutes of unique cinematic content for their brand-new story mode ‘Braking Point’ – and we did it all during a global pandemic.


REALTIME delivers cinematics in record time on Codemasters’ new F1 2021 game

Working on media for a major sports game franchise poses a complicated set of challenges. Not least of these is the weight of expectations from the fans. From soccer aficionados to race car enthusiasts, devotees expect the content around sports games to be as up-to-date as possible with the current season’s players, kits, and sponsors.

We spoke to Unreal Engine about our recent project for Codemasters‘ ‘Braking Point’ story mode as part of their new F1® 2021 game. Tasked with crafting five variations of cut-scenes, each version showed a different team, with different branding, colors, and uniforms for the players to select from. Ian Jones, CG Director, explains how our team tackled the challenge of turning over two and a half hours of cinematics in just a few weeks, using UE4. Read the full article here.