Year Million

We were commissioned by Radical Media to create a range of VFX shots for their Production ‘Year Million’, a six-part documentary for National Geographic Television. The series explores humanity’s potential journey into the coming millennia and into the Universes that exist beyond our own

We produced a wide variety of shots of varying levels of complexity, all delivered at 3K. The REALTIME VFX team quickly got to grips with the brief which explored future technologies and mans’ exploration beyond Planet Earth.

Radical were able to supply us plates ready to work with for the majority of the shots, which helped speed up the process.  However, we did need to create alien creatures and a galaxy from scratch – which we very much enjoyed!

The team modelled and animated the ‘programable matter ‘shots creating a flexible and intelligent material that could, in theory, mould and adapt itself to deal with the changing needs of Planet Earths environment. We also created universe and worm hole sequences, as well as animating fictional life forms on distant planets.

“Realtime are a great team of folk to work with. They got the brief straight off and worked a targeted and quick turnaround for the tight episode deliveries necessary. Communication was clear and precise. On a multi-vendor show, where we were dealing with hundreds of shots in a very compressed time frame that’s a must on top of delivering some top-notch shots! Look forward to working with them again soon.”
Angie Wills
VFX Producer