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Special Request – Farm Sim Top Tip

27 June 2016

Houdini Top Tip – This week’s REALTIME Top Tip we had a question posted on our YouTube Channel asking how we got the mud to flick from the wheels on our latest Farm Simulator trailer.

Adrian Vickers kindly answered this one for us!

“It was done in Houdini using pops. The wheel geometry was used as an emitter with the points stuck to it. These points then get passed onto another group by random age which then fly off using a custom velocity setup. This velocity setup enables them to fly off the back as they get flicked off and fall at the front of the wheel. It also affects how far they get flicked sideways. The mud then collides with basic tractor geometry and the ground. Using a copy sop random mud geometry was then copied onto the points using basic stamp functions for random sizing, rotation, etc. We were also able to lift the geometry up or down using an attribute vop based on the pscale attribute. This was then exported back into 3dsMax via V-Ray alembic and rendered.”

Take a look at the trailer and VFX breakdown by clicking the images below:

mud Farm Simulator_VFX_935







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