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Meet Yujia

13 March 2019

Have you met the latest addition to our automotive team, Yujia?

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’m Yujia, from Shanghai, China. This is the first time I’ve worked abroad, I’m so excited because everything is brand new, like the farm and cows opposite the studio, I’ve never seen such a magnificent scene living in the city. I’m also really happy to be joining the RT team, it’s an honour to work with such talented artists from all over the world. As a CG artist, I have a huge passion for design and rendering, I’ve been in the CG industry for over a decade and since my last job started to focus in on automotive.


What’s your role at REALTIME?

I am a Senior Lighting Artist in the automotive department, so my main goal is to make the cars look as beautiful and real as physically possible!


What first sparked your interest in cars?

When I was a kid, I watched a Japanese cartoon <MINI 4WD>, which had a great influence on me. I’ve had a lot of mini 4wd models, it’s a kind of toy, but I regard them as my treasures, modify them and make them into something completely unique. When I grew up, my taste changed to cars with an elegant design, like Agera, Vanquish, etc.


So, what does an average day consist of for you?

I make cars look great. So, after receiving the task from Graham, I analyse what effect I’m aiming for, and then try to use the most appropriate lighting to achieve it. Then render the images and adjust them until they reach the desired state, and everyone is happy. It’s all about iteration!


What’s been your favourite project to work on and that you’re most proud of?

This is hard to say because every time I finish a project, I always feel that it is the best. But after some time, I don’t see it being as good, with growing as an artist, the standard is constantly improving. I believe the best project will always be the next one.


What’s the best thing about working here?

I’m sure there’s nothing cooler than working with artists from all over the world, and everyone has their own experience, and a unique way of thinking. I am looking forward to communicating and sharing knowledge with everyone here and seeing things progress.


Are there any upcoming things in the industry that you think people need to keep an eye out for?

By observing the software trends and updates. I think in the process of CG production, the boundaries of the early and late stages of the image will become blurred, and the early operation will be more convenient and simplified. For example, take the latest V-Ray Next, already can display in real time in viewport, and can render a beautiful lens halo effect. All in all, the use of software will become more and more simple, artists should always focus on how to improve the aesthetic.


Do you have any tips for new artists wanting to do what you do?

I think no matter what it is you do, interest is the most critical, if you are interested, you will unknowingly put more into it. With the accumulation of time, you will naturally find out how to do it faster and better. So, if you want me to give advice, it’s to find out what you really love it, and keep doing that.


Tell me a fun fact about yourself?

I just started trying to grow my hair.