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REALTIMERS: Bobby McCune, Rigging Artist

28 February 2024

Name & job title: Bobby McCune (he/him/his), Rigging Artist 


Where do you fit in? My role bridges the animation team on one hand, and the black magic of programming and rig engineering on the other. This perfect mix of creative thinking and problem-solving has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of the work for me. 


How did you get your start in the industry? I studied animation in college and halfway through realised I specifically loved 3D animation production and rigging in particular, and threw myself fully into that. My first job was a short 3D Generalist role and my second was as a Junior Rigger, and my time at Realtime has been my longest continuous role which has been fantastic as I’ve been able to learn so much. 

Your superpower? I’m not sure if this is a superpower or a serious issue, but my ability to sleep absolutely anywhere-I’ve fallen off a bunk bed and remained asleep before, and need an alarm clock designed for deaf people to wake up. I’m insomnia’s final boss.  


What inspires you on the day-to-day? Surrounding myself with amazing music and beautiful art every day, and following current artists and riggers online. The problem-solving element of rigging also keeps me driven, inspired, and a bit mad. 


My desert island film / TV show / animation / game /artform / piece of artwork is: I’m ashamed to say it would realistically be Civilisation 6, even though I have 600+ hours on it and really need to play a new game.  


Your soundtrack whilst working: My taste is eclectic to put it lightly: in a single hour I can go from metal like Bolt Thrower to rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and all the way to Japanese 80’s city pop such as Mariya Takeuchi…I’ve also recently discovered Ginger Root, a musician who describes his own music as “aggressive elevator soul” which says all you need to know! 


If you could work with anyone who? Like a lot of animation fans, definitely Hayao Miyazaki-the contrast of his beautiful artistry and extreme nihilism is so unique, I’d probably develop a smoking habit. Or working on a film with a soundtrack by Masayoshi Takanaka, that would be a real tonic to my soul-his songs are the musical equivalent of Brazilian sunshine. 


If not this, then what? It’s cliché to say this but I really can’t imagine doing anything else; I’ve always loved video games and animation. Possibly working in another area of production such as programming or game design. If I had to pick a different industry altogether, it would be something related to animal care or rescue somehow. 


Why REALTIME? I really love Realtime’s variety of work across TV, games and automotive; there has been such an exciting variety of work and platforms in my time here which has been very fun, and it’s great the company doesn’t restrict itself too much. The people I’ve worked with have also been lovely and there is always great craic when the Manchester office is busy. 


People would be surprised that… I’ve been keeping pet rats for 4 years now? Although maybe I give off rodent vibes… 


Advice you’d give yourself if you were just starting out? Work hard, but have patience and be good to yourself-the industry can fluctuate and be tough to get into, but it’s worth being able to do what you love every day-always remember that.