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REALTIMERS: Graham Collier, Lead VFX Artist

12 April 2024

Where do you fit in?

My role can be anything from simulating muscle systems and cloth to blowing things up, and then adding in a few water simulations, lava, nebulas, and even the odd galaxy. I love the variety of work in VFX and am always up for the next challenge while looking at improving and finding new ways to keep pushing up the level.

How did you get your start in the industry? 

I studied computer science and media technology at University, and I have always had a passion for working in VFX and animation. I bought a computer with my first student loan and set about teaching myself CG. For my final year group project, we completed a 10 minute fully CG animated cartoon using Lightwave. In 1998, after Uni I went to work in the games industry, creating pre-rendered cut scenes, which was another one of my passions. I had also done some freelance work for Realtime when they were just starting up and eventually went to Red Vision to work in TV. I spent over 9 years at Redvision working on several award winning shows. After Redvision, I went to REALTIME, where they were doing some amazing work, and I have never looked back.

Your superpower?

My superpower is speaking the secret language of Houdini.


What inspires you on the day-to-day? 

Thats simple, we get to work on some amazing projects at REALTIME, which is inspiration enough. However, working with such talented artists producing amazing concepts, animation, modeling, and lighting really inspires me to keep creating and developing my VFX work.

My desert island film / TV show / animation / game /artform / piece of artwork is: 

Jurassic Park or Terminator 2

Your soundtrack whilst working: 

Anything that rocks from the 80’s or 90’s. I also like listening to film and TV sound tracks and have even started listening to Kate Bush (Thanks to Stranger Things) .

If you could work with anyone who? 

I would love to have worked on the original Star Wars with all the geniuses at ILM.

If not this, then what? 

I can’t imagine doing anything else. I have always been driven and focused on my career in VFX.


I have always loved the quality and variety of work that REALTIME does, so I knew it would be a great place to further my career. The studio has a relaxed atmosphere, and everyone is really passionate about their work, which really shows in the great quality of content produced.

People would be surprised that..

I once did an ultra-sportive for fun. Whilst cycling 203 miles, climbing over 18,000ft and being chased by the Yorkshire Beast, I had a few second thoughts. Still, I managed to beat the beast with an hour to spare. It was my longest day in the saddle, with a total riding time of 13 hours and 54 mins.

Advice you’d give yourself if you were just starting out? 

Find something that you are passionate about, and then focus on learning and developing your skills for it. Work hard, be prepared to fail, learn from it, and keep moving forward towards your goals.