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Realtimers: Regina Starek, Talent Acquisition Specialist 

20 March 2023

If there’s one thing we love more than VFX, it’s our team. REALTIMERS is a chance to showcase the amazing people behind the pixels to see what makes them tick.

Meet Regina, our wonderful Talent Acquisition Specialist, who loves Harry Potter and horror films

Name & job title:
Regina Starek – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Where do you fit in?
I am part of the talent team. We are responsible for finding and interviewing talented artists in order to identify the best match for the team’s needs and long-term goals. We then work with our hiring managers to ensure they have a strong team of skilled and passionate individuals. I also attend industry events with our team to introduce and talk about the work REALTIME does.


How did you get your start in the industry?
Here at REALTIME. After moving out of London, I started searching for nearby VFX studios and REALTIME was my number one choice. 

Your superpower?
A ‘Can do’ attitude. It’s like a challenge.


What inspires you on the day-to-day?
Looking at awesome pieces of art and thinking about the ideas behind them.


My desert island film:
Although I’m a big horror fan, it has to be Harry Potter. I grew up with it, and I binge watch it every year.


Your soundtrack whilst working:
Depends on the day, but I usually burn through my ‘Discover Weekly’ on Spotify.


If you could work with anyone who?
Julie Dorsey. Mental Canvas blows my mind, there is so much potential in it.


If not this, then what?
I’m pretty sure I would be a photographer.


I like the variety of our projects, there is always something exciting in the making.


People would be surprised that
I’m Hungarian. Not many people have guessed that right so far.

(And although I’ve heard that joke way too many times, Hungarians are not always hungry, but we do love good food.)


Advice you’d give yourself if you were just starting out?
Don’t be too hard on myself. I’m the biggest judge of my own work.