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13 June 2016

3dsMax Top Tip – Each week one of our artists is going to share a REALTIME Top Tip with you, some will be simple and others a tad more complex, but we hope you like them all the same!

This weeks tip is from Chris Scubli, you can read more about Chris in his latest interview and he will be making an appearance at some events soon so keep an eye out for him!

REALTIME First Top Tip – From Chris Scubli

In 3dsMax, if you’re doing test renders, make sure to set rendering to Iterative Rendering Mode. This way you won’t accidentally overwrite existing files and you will always render the current active frame in the timeline even if the output is set to a certain range. When you’re ready to write outputs, simply switch back to Production Rendering Mode. (Extra tip: if you submit to Deadline for rendering on a farm, you don’t need to worry about switching away from Iterative)









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