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31 July 2018


SIGGRAPH 2018 is a five-day celebration of the latest innovations in CG, Animation, VR, Games, Digital Art, Mixed Reality and Emerging Technologies. It’s set to run from the 12th to the 16th of August at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada.

How are RealtimeUK getting involved?

After Stu’s brilliant speech at FMX earlier on in the year, we have been kindly asked again by the guys at Chaos Group to take part in their #VRayDay.

Sounds fun! But what is #VRayDay?

#VRayDay is Chaos Group’s celebration of their VRay technology; they’ll be showcasing the diverse uses and capabilities of the software through interactive exhibits and a collection of informative talks. At SIGGRAPH this year they’ll be hosting talks from; Method Studios, FuseFX, Digital Domain and ILM amongst some other fabulous studios.

All the V-Ray Day sessions are free to attend and will be held in Meeting Room 8 in the East Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre!

What is Stu going to be talking about?

Stu’s talk is again titled ‘Cinematic Worlds: A holistic overview of creating games trailers’. He’ll discuss the overall process of creating cinematic trailers, and the key influential aspects that effect production from an internal and an external perspective.

Although this time, Stu is hoping to expand the conversation by talking through some of our most recent projects as illustrative worked examples, highlighting the different challenges that come up when working within a different pipeline (Sea of Thieves) or when working with a gigantic IP (Jurassic World).

How can I get a ticket?

You can get tickets from SIGGRAPH’s website. There are lots of different ticketing options so that you can really make your SIGGRAPH experience your own, from ‘Full Conference’ tickets, to simpler ‘Exhibits Only’ options.

Prices start at $50 for a basic visitor pass and can reach up to $1550 for the full conference experience! But if you are a student you can get the larger priced tickets at a more affordable discounted price ($500 for a full conference pass).

Where Will I Be Able To Find RealtimeUK?

Sadly, we won’t have a static location that you’d be able to find us at, but we will be updating our Twitter feed as we’re adventuring around the event, so if you spot us then please come and say hello!

What Else Can I Get Up To At SIGGRAPH?

SIGGRAPH seems to be a festival of creative information, and the organisers have rounded everything that you can expect into five main categories; Learn, Create, Discover, Share and Bond.

It seems that visitors aren’t only there to learn, but the event seems to be set up for a community like atmosphere, to help any level of artist grow into their artistic shoes.


Stu’s talk kicks off Wednesday’s day of events at 10am in Meeting Room 8, East Building on the 15th of August!