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Stu Bayley does live talk!

26 October 2015

Our amazingly talented Art Director Stu Bayley shared some of his knowledge with Atlas of CG  during a live talk this Saturday.

He discussed how to take an in game asset and make into a full cinematic character using SMITE’s Thor as an example and explained our new approach to matte painting used on World of Tanks: Rubicon X.

You guys asked some great questions so Stu was able to give lots of advice on how to find your path in the CG industry and improve yourself as an artist, while reviewing some of your portfolios.

We would like to thank everyone who watched along live, but if you didn’t get a chance can see the full webinar below…

Let us know what you think!



Established in 1996 REALTIME are CGI, animation and VFX specialists, with a focus on gaming, automotive and broadcast. We have 2 UK studios that house 50 permanent artists with the ability to scale up to 100 for the big projects. We go the extra mile to create cutting edge content capable of transporting the viewer. Whether we are immersing gamers in distant alien worlds or placing buyers in the driving seat of their perfect car, we don’t just make visuals, we craft belief.