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The Ultimate Goal of Personalisation

Paul McSweeney 29 January 2019
Car Configurator

The ultimate goal of personalisation in the automotive world

The concept of personalisation in the online world is more complex than targeted adverts or generic landing pages. Consumers seek a personal experience, where brands talk directly to them and show they understand.

Focus on the customer experience is already in full swing, especially within the automotive industry. With 93% of car sales beginning online, the landscape has to adjust. 62% of customers initiate the buying process online before visiting a showroom, so if the correct tools and excellent customer experience are in place, you could have a loyal customer.


The ‘individual’

Today’s customer doesn’t want to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. People want individualism. Why else would Coke put names on their bottles if not to appeal directly to their customers’ sense of self?

Something that appeals to that idea of individuality should be prevalent in the automotive industry too. Call it a millennial trait, but soon they’ll make up 40% of the automotive market. With it looking like the industry could better appeal to them, maybe others could learn from Tesla and their smooth online experience.

During the online experience, 50% of consumers are interacting with configurator tools. Those who have one are bringing in 20% more visitors. They want something that is uniquely their own, thus making them more inclined to purchase. In the world of car configurators, this means everything from the colour of the vehicle to the stitching on the seat. And with CG, you can make it realistic and configurable on the fly.


Customer loyalty

Those with configurators are guiding 60% more viewers into an actual dealership visit, meaning there is a greater chance to convert them to real sales.

Configurators also open the door to upselling. A controversial sales tactic in person, it flows more naturally in an online environment. With the right timing, you could increase the value of the sale with a suggestion of a car cover or an accessory.

The end result should be customer loyalty. The experience on offer should make a person feel valued, increasing the chances they come back again (see the success of Amazon). It’s a part of the ‘customer experience’, and this is a lifelong concept. In the end, loyalty begets more sales.

And that brings us full circle. You don’t incorporate personalisation into your car configurator does just because it looks good. The ultimate goal is to show people that you care, that you hear them, and that you can be as loyal to them as they are to you. It’s more than making it your goal to sell cars; it’s not even about selling your brand. It’s about being the first choice when a consumer thinks of cars. Not because they look the best, but because you care.

Never underestimate the impact your configurator can have. Consumers crave a sleek, efficient experience. You can’t afford to have a subpar configurator. That’s why RealtimeUK delivers the best, like our Bentley Bentayga configurator – so you can be the best. Get in touch with me at [email protected] to find out more.