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TIGA Awards: Meet the Dinos

19 October 2017

You may have previously heard that we’re going to be sponsoring this year’s TIGA Awards. If you have, you’ll probably know that we’re pretty excited to be doing so. And that’s partly to do with the amazing, super awesome, brick-tastic idea that we have been creatively brewing for our table gifts (which we hope that you’re excited to be receiving too).

You’re probably thinking… ‘But Jess, what is this amazing, super awesome, brick-tastic idea that you are talking about?’ Well I’ll take you all the way back to the beginning…

Once upon a time, at the start of September… The RealtimeUK Marketing Department congregated around the ‘great boardroom table’ to try and come up with the ultimate award evening table gift. It was much like the meeting of ‘The Fellowship’, but with less people.

We debated what makes a great gift; practicality, shininess, collectability… but one word kept coming to mind- fun. And from fun we found colourful blocks of joy… Lego.

But Lego alone wasn’t enough. We felt like we needed the statement scarf to match our already chic outfit. Fortuitously, it was at that moment that we found out about the success of our Jurassic World Evolution trailer – Dinosaurs!

The RealtimeUK Lego Challenge was born.

On the night of the TIGA Awards we’ll be placing a giant brick on each of your tables. Much like a Russian nesting doll, the giant brick will be filled with lots of regular sized bricks. And this is where you’ll come in.

We’re challenging you to get creative, to let your imaginations run wild; by creating the greatest Lego dinosaur known to man, and reptile alike.

It’s a big ask, I know. And that’s why we have been busy making these informative yet cute videos of the RealtimeUK Dinos being built. Let me introduce you to our resident Dinos;


Meet Darius: The dotty Diplodocus. He is a keen train spotter, loves drinking hazelnut lattes and wearing odd socks.



Meet Jeff: The short tempered but warm hearted T-Rex. Jeff loves reading Nordic spy novels, doing some *rad* stunts on his skateboard, but he also knows how important it is to relax with a Bublé Bath.



Meet Susie: The cheerful Triceratops. She likes laughing, watching Criminal Minds and participating in bi-monthly tug of war contests.



Meet Greg: The chill Stegosaurus. He’s a big fan of David Attenborough, a proud Ravenclaw, and he is also a strong believer in the theory that Keanu Reeves is an immortal.


They’re going to be up to quite a lot over the next week; meeting Stormtroopers, going on hobbit like adventures and even playing a bit of FIFA. You can follow their adventures over on our Twitter page.

You can build one of the RealtimeUK Dinos or you can go off-piste and do your own thing. Either works for us.

But whatever you do, we want to see your masterpieces! You can do that by tagging the pictures with our marvellous hashtag #RTUKLegoChallege over social media platforms, where we’ll be eagerly awaiting to see what you have created.

Not attending the awards? Don’t worry. Gather together your own brick supplies and make some fabulous dinosaurs, and send them to us with the hashtag. The more Dinos the better.

TIGA Awards here we come!