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Top Tip: Hair & Fur

09 January 2018

This weeks Ornatrix Top Tip comes from our Lead Artist, Scene Dev Tom!

He’s here to share with you some interesting information about Ornatrix that could help you out when it comes to perfecting hair and fur…

You can use multiple stacked OX_surface_comb modifiers masked by the region you want to apply to. There is a tick box for use shape and for use direction. Using several of these modifiers with direction turned off but shape on allows you to assign different hair curves (flat, tufty, etc) to different areas. Finally put an OX_surface_comb modifier at the top with only direction ticked to use the sinks to comb the direction of your hair.

Note:  The shape graphs on the comb modifier are additive, so if you overlap them they will flatten hair more.

Ornatrix hair and fur



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