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Why we love cars!

Paul McSweeney 06 December 2019

This is a letter to my true love in life: cars. I am one of many individuals around the world passionate about cars. Even before Henry Ford first brought them to the masses, there has always been a community of people who love cars in the way others love movies, or walking, or their family.

I jest, but sometimes it’s not too far off. For some, cars are more than a way to get from A to B. They’re more than a daily convenience or just another piece of technology like the TV or the microwave. For some, a car is an expression of their personality. There’s a make or model for each individual. You ask 100 people what their favourite car is and you’ll have 100 different answers. But there is no universal reason why we love cars; everyone is driven by a different quality (pun not intended).

When it comes to a love of cars, you can put people into many different categories.


The driver

If you need to get from A to B, why not do it in style? Who even cares about B – sometimes you go from A to A just for the thrill of the drive.

This person loves the feel of the car when they drive. They don’t necessarily have to love cars; if it has some horsepower underneath the hood, then that’s all they need. They enjoy the personality of the car itself. How it handles. How the gear stick snicks into place. How it glides around a corner. They’d feel right at home on the Top Gear track. Whether they feel like the car is an extension of themselves or they love taming a beast, there’s nothing better in life than getting behind the wheel.


The enthusiast

This person is almost the opposite of the driver. For them, they don’t have to be in the car to appreciate it. They might not even have a licence. They just love the craft of the car.

They can tell you the detailed history of McLaren. They’ll talk for hours about Britain’s illustrious car history. You might not want a lesson about the Morris Minor but you’re getting one. New or old, petrol or electric, this is their hobby. If they have the money, they might be a collector, wishing they could have a garage like Jay Leno’s. Some people collect stamps; some collect cars.


The Zen mechanic

For this person, they love a car that is in desperate need of that love. It’s seen better days, but the mechanic doesn’t think its glory days are over yet.

For them, fixing up the car is an escape. Leave behind the stresses of modern life like the job and the bills, and the spare room that needs painting. They can spend hours in the garage tweaking the engine. It’s like meditation for them. It’s actually a psychological concept. ‘Flow’ is the term for when someone gets in the zone, their focus unbreakable. Eight hours later and they realise they haven’t eaten all day.


The community

Whatever person you are – whether it’s one of the above or something else – the best part is the community. If you love cars you’re in good company. They attract people from all walks of life and each person has something valid to say about your shared pastime.

Everyone has that same energy and lust for life. That same sparkle in their eyes when they talk about cars. And when you can all spend time together, in this mutual love for automobiles, there’s nothing greater. And – above all – cars give you freedom unlike anything else. Go wherever you like; do whatever you want. The feeling that you could hit the road at any time, just you and the car. That’s why we love them.

At REALTIME, we all love our cars – we even have a blog on it already! That passion translates into our work, examples of which you can find in abundance here. If you ever want to talk about your next project, get in touch with me at [email protected].