Everwild: Announcement Trailer

Still basking in the huge success of ‘Sea of Thieves’, the Rare team have wasted no time in developing their next highly anticipated new game for XBOX. The trailer for the game, made its debut at ‘XO19’, Microsoft’s Flagship XBOX and Windows games event broadcast to millions of gamers around the world. The trailer took centre stage as one of the biggest announces of the show, teasing the acclaimed developers vision for a fantastical new world of action and adventure populated by mythical creatures. Developed in UE4, the trailer was developed by Realtime’s in-engine cinematics team who were able to deliver Rare’s fantastical new vision for their next title.

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“Working with REALTIME is always a pleasure. As we build a brand new game experience, it’s wonderful to work with a team of people who really, deeply understand our vision. Working from home could have been a real challenge, but it’s testament to the professionalism and dedication of this team, that despite these difficult circumstances, a wonderful asset was brought to life.”

Louise O’Connor

Executive Producer

What did we do?




Key-Frame Animation




The Results

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Whilst we're best known for our high-end pre-rendered pipeline, this project proved to be a great opportunity to show off our capabilities in UE4. Using the same core team that develops our other trailers, this project was great fun and highlighted not only our team's creative abilities, but its technical capabilites too.


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