Everwild: Eternals 02

As one of the Games Industry’s most longstanding and successful UK developers, Rare are responsible for some of the most iconic and creative games of all time. So, when we were once again approached to help them with the trailer for their newest game, we jumped at the opportunity! First announced at XO19 with a trailer that we also helped develop, this latest piece for ‘Everwild’ debuted at the XBOX Games Showcase 2020. Building on the magical world of the first trailer. ‘Everwild’ promises to deliver memorable, engaging experiences in a unique natural world that players will be able to share. Working closely with the Rare team, we helped breathe life into the many beautiful creatures and environments that will adorn the world of this exciting new IP.

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“Working with REALTIME is always a pleasure. As we build a brand new game experience, it’s wonderful to work with a team of people who really, deeply understand our vision. Working from home could have been a real challenge, but it’s testament to the professionalism and dedication of this team, that despite these difficult circumstances, a wonderful asset was brought to life.”

Louise O’Connor

Executive Producer

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Key-Frame Animation




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Working with the RARE team is always a delight so its always extra special when we get to work with them on helping them to realise a brand new IP. Just as we'd done on 'Sea of Thieves' and 'Kinect Sports Rivals', the REALTIME got to flex their creative muscles, proving that we're not just capable of creating great visuals, an invaluable extension to the development team.


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