Lotus Emira's Ultra-Realistic Configurator Is Like A Video Game

We are proud to have supported Lotus Cars in creating an advanced 360-degree configurator and fully configurable CG movie; taking the Emira out of the showroom and into the real world.

REALTIME Studio Celebrates 25 Years of CG Creativity

REALTIME is celebrating its 25th anniversary, a significant milestone for the independent CG business.

A Very Special Effect

On the eve of our 25th anniversary, our Managing Director, Tony Prosser, spoke to Lancashire Business Review about the future of the CG industry and what's next for REALTIME.

REALTIME puts viewers right amongst the action

Broadcast Industry News caught up with Paul McSweeney, to ask how REALTIME harnessed the power of new technologies to unlock a whole new space for creative storytelling for their Cannes presentation with Verizon.

REALTIME Set the Stage for Verizon Media CEO

REALTIME set the stage for Verizon Media CEO, Guru Gowrappen, to remotely interview Fernando Alonso, Race Driver of Alpine F1 Team, and Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, using a combination of virtual production, LED screens, unreal engine and an XR stage.

Lotus Evija Has The Coolest Configurator We've Ever Seen

With such exclusivity, Lotus wants every Evija that leaves the factory to be special. Buyers can extensively customize their Evija using a special touch-screen configurator designed specifically for Lotus.

Lotus Evija: new configurator video released of EV hypercar

World's most powerful production car is sold out for 2020 production run, but customers can still order using state-of-the-art configurator

Virtually perfect: the next-level Lotus Evija configurator

A UK animations company has built a state-of-the-art simulation to help Lotus customers spec their ideal hypercar. We try it out

The McLaren Speedtail Has the World's Best Car Configurator

If you're one of the 106 people who ordered a McLaren Speedtail, you really don't want to pick the wrong color. Most likely, that won't happen because the Speedtail has the ultimate car configurator—the only problem is that you have to go to McLaren's Woking, England headquarters to use it.

Online car configurators: the firm that lets you build your own Bentley

Tucked away in a small business studio in countryside six miles from Blackpool is probably the biggest car maker you’ve never heard of.
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