Subnautica: Below Zero

The launch trailer for ‘Subnautica: Below Zero’ is the third cinematic trailer created for this much loved open world survival action-adventure game. Set two years after the original game, and in the arctic region of Planet 4546B, the game marks a new chapter in the Subnautica Universe – a story that the REALTIME team was delighted to help bring to the screen.

What we did

CG Production, Keyframe Animation, Pre-Production, Animation, Visual FX, Cinematic Trailer

WINNER: Best Animation / Special Effects - video campaign (Vega Digital Awards)

“REALTIME continues to impress us, raising the quality bar yet again on our third trailer collaboration.  We were particularly happy with how the REALTIME animation team brilliantly captured the complicated tonal range of humour, suspense and action of the “Subnautica: Below Zero” trailer.  Realtime approaches each project with enthusiasm, works within tight deadlines, and consistently puts forward suggestions which improve the end result, and we very much look forward to working with them again.”
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