REALTIMERS: James Coore, VFX Supervisor

Name & job title:
James Coore VFX Supervisor

Where do you fit in?
Try To artistically, technically, and logistically figure out how to create high quality VFX that helps to realise the ideas of the Director/Showrunner, Execs and Client Side VFX Supervisor for a production, within the confines of the studio. With regards to both personnel and other resources.

How did you get your start in the industry?
Told Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett I knew everything he needed to add CG to his studio Zombie Flesh Eaters. Then proceeded to launch the department and make Gorillaz marketing materials and then add shots on the videos which were predominantly made by Passion Pictures. 3 or 4 years into my career really, but probably a more interesting story.

Alternatively, working at a dotcom start up called Gameplay. Which was an online game portal, making CG stings and animations for various campaigns and helping develop an animation television start up.

Your superpower?
 Instinctively knowing why something is crap, while also breaking it down bit by bit by looking at each turd one by one. And you must know when you are simply polishing a turd and you just can’t transform it.

What inspires you on the day-to-day?
Being alive and passing time.

My desert island film / TV show / animation / game /artform / piece of artwork is:
Barry Lyndon, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Back to the Future 1 and 2, 12 Monkeys, Iron Giant, Golden Eye.

Your soundtrack whilst working:
 Depends what’s happening… Painting or lighting or something then 90’s HIP HOP. Coding total silence! Planning and tinkering, TV…

If you could work with anyone who?
Hieronymus Bosch or Moebius – Who knows what I would do though!

If not this, then what?
Do something a bit more worldly, build offshore windfarms or something.

People would be surprised that
One of my brothers is a priest and he lives in a castle.

Advice you’d give yourself if you were just starting out? 
Don’t worry if you are learning and surrounded by fast smart people who show immediate aptitude.
Getting along in the industry is much more about accumulative knowledge, applied wisdom, attention to detail and getting along with people. None of which require a particularly high IQ.
But you must be honest with yourself about the skills you have and do not have. 

REALTIME Appoints New Head of Pipeline Technologies

We’re delighted to welcome Bhavesh Pandey as our new Head of Pipeline Technologies.

With over a decade of experience in the VFX industry, working for the likes of ILM, DNEG and MPC, Bhavesh joins REALTIME to orchestrate our pipeline technology and support our team in delivering innovative and exciting work!