REALTIME team up with Codemasters for F1 23 ‘Braking Point 2’

Two years after the critically acclaimed F1® 2021, we have teamed up with our old friends at Codemasters once again for the eagerly anticipated F1® 2023 Braking Point 2. Our team crafted over fifty minutes of in-game cinematics using the latest in-engine solution and state-of-the-art performance capture tools.

Braking Point 2 allows players to immerse themselves in a compelling racing story that gives a unique peek behind the curtain of the world of Formula One. The story revolves again around rival drivers Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler, but with the added twist of them being teammates for the newly formed Konnersport Butler Racing Team, alongside a new female driver, Callie Mayer.

REALTIME was tasked with creating cutscenes that ranged from emotional character performances right through to on-track action, featuring intense races and high-speed collisions.

“The visual fidelity we were able to achieve this time around was a huge step up from F1 2021. Everything from the lighting to the skin shaders and facial animation, we advanced every single element of our render quality.” Says Ian Jones, CG Director. 

Automotive Reel 2022

We’re excited to share our brand-new reel from our Automotive team! The reel covers all of our recent work from ad campaigns, marketing films, 360 configurators and beautiful CG stills to showcase our wonderful client’s cars.


Lotus Emira Configurator now live

The Lotus story continues with a new icon: EmiraWe are proud to have supported Lotus Cars in creating an advanced 360-degree configurator and fully configurable CG movietaking the Emira out of the showroom and into the real world, in the ultimate customer journey. 

The configurator creates thousands of different iterations of the Emira. Choose from a range of distinctive paint colours to your choice of alloy wheels, brake callipers, black pack and interior details, all viewed within three distinctive environments which allow the colours to come to life under a range of lighting conditions. We see the car in a photographic studio, under artificial light, in the famous Lotus Design Studio in daylight and finally on the Big Sur highway in California in intense sunlight.  

What colour will you choose?

Our Favourite Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are now entering the mainstream, accounting for 6.6% of new car sales last year. What’s more, their rise is only going to accelerate as rules are introduced to limit the kind of vehicles allowed into major cities.  

We’re definitely seeing an increase in clients coming to us to talk about their EV launches and we’ve recently worked on fully integrated real-time 3D configurators and marketing stills for leading EVs including the Lotus Evija and the recently launched Rimac Nevera 

So, we thought it would be fun to ask our automotive team which electric vehicle they would pick if money was no object. The car-fanatics of our studio did not disappoint…Let us know which car you would choose! It’s time to get excited about making the switch to electric.


Lotus Evija, Pininfarina Battista and Rimac Nevera

Client Services Director, Paul McSweeney, couldn’t stop at just one. “With a wife and four children I need six places. So, I choose a Lotus Evija, a Pininfarina Battista and a Rimac Nevera!” Paul is especially familiar with these particular vehicles, as our team partnered with each brand on the launch marketing campaigns and configurators for these incredible cars. 

Porsche Taycan Turbo

Our CEO, Tony Prosser, didn’t have to think twice before he chose the Porsche Taycan Turbo. “Instantaneous power, the biggest thrill with the safety of all-wheel drive, beautiful Porsche styling inside and out and superb German build quality. 5 stars from me.” 

Audi E-Tron

Our Senior Automotive Artist, Damian Biliński, has gone for style mixed with size and function: “My choice is the Audi e-Tron black edition. A big SUV, family friendly and just look at it, no words needed!” As well as looking the part, Audi boasts that their e-Tron is capable of travelling up to 252 miles on a single charge and can be charged in under an hour. 

Honda E

Arguably the friendliest-looking car on the list is Senior Producer, Graham James’ pick of the Honda e Electric Car – Honda’s first fully-electric urban car comes in a nifty compact size just little bit bigger than a Fiat 500: “It has an incredible retro style, with a pretty high-tech interior.” 

Cizeta-Moroder V16T

Will Wilson, Senior Automotive Artist, breaks the rules with his obscure choice, choosing to resurrect the car that very nearly made it; “There will be generations of electric cars to look forward to and enjoy. I would mark the end of an era and choose a car which to me represents the ultimate vision of what a supercar can be. The Cizeta-Moroder V16T. A car developed by Claudio Zampolli, designed by Marcello Gandini (Miura, Countach, Stratos), and powered by a Lamborghini derived V16 engine. “ 

Jeep Wrangler Magneto

Our Operations Director, Libby Behrens, has chosen something a little more adventurous: “I love what Jeep are going to do with The Jeep Wrangler Magneto. This is because one day I will be that adventurous and go off-roading in the desert…” The Magneto’s single-motor powertrain is said to offer performance on a par with the standard Wrangler’s 3.5-litre Pentastar petrol V6, packing what they call “unmistakable rock-climbing force.” We couldn’t be more excited to see the final product.

VW Buzz

Last, but by no means least, we have Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz, curtesy of Senior UE4 Auto Artist Paul Stevenson; “A great revamp but this time without the wheezy air-cooled motor.” Unveiled at the Munich motor show, the ID. Buzz features a raft of camera, lidar and radar sensors to enable the autonomous technology developed by US start-up Argo. 

What would you pick? An updated retro design or the kind of EV that looks like it’s straight out of Blade Runner? Be sure to let us know! 

At REALTIME, we have 20 years of experience making car configurators for the biggest names in the automotive sector. Work with us to ensure your car configurator offers the best experience to your customers.

For more information on our car configuration options, fill out the below form or email me at paul@realtimeuk.com


Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021: Review

For the car enthusiasts among us, it was encouraging to see the Goodwood Festival of Speed take place after a Covid-enforced hiatus last year. The event opened its doors last Thursday as part of the UK Government’s Event Research Programme and as such could run at full capacity as far as visitors were concerned, although it definitely impacted the number of motor manufacturers in attendance.

In any case, I was very happy to be there – if only as it felt like progress on the return to normality. So, ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts for my little round up of the highlights:


Much like Nissan’s Infiniti and Honda’s Acura, Hyundai used the Festival of Speed to launch its Genesis brand, including the G70 Shooting Brake pictured, which is unique to these shores. It is not the easiest task in the world to break the European prestige market without any heritage as such, but Genesis seems to be including all the right ingredients in its recipe.


Goodwood was the first opportunity to get up close and personal with Ineos’ Grenadier, fondly thought of by many as the ‘real’ replacement for the workhorse Series III Land Rover Defender. Certainly, the extremely rugged construction and serious-looking ironmongery, visible within the wheelhouses and exposed door hinges, leave us in no doubt whatsoever as to its intentions.


A quick rock down to Electric Avenue and it was lovely to see the beautiful yet sustainable Battista on show and accessible to the public via the very friendly Pininfarina staff team. Just like its sister car, the recently christened Rimac Nevera, deliveries begin later on this year for those with €2m burning a hole in their ecologically sound, recycled cotton-lined pockets. 


Lamborghini took the opportunity to share the swansong Aventador, the Ultimae, with the appreciative Goodwood audience. Sporting a final-iteration 780PS V12, I’m sure this will fly off the shelves as we tick off yet another brand making the transition to hybrid, if not full-electric power.


Woking’s finest continues its tradition of warm hospitality for all visitors, open chequebook or not, and welcomes you to a sit (and dream) in the stunning Elva.

The real star of the McLaren stand, however, was the new Artura, making its public debut in the UK and really looking the part. The public car was displayed in its now famous Flux Green finish but if you ask me, the car looks best off its tall show plinth and closer to the ground, to be approached as you would on the street. It’s a real testament to its design, so here’s a snap of it at the back of ‘McLaren House’ looking mean and moody in its satin paintwork:

Lotus Cars

Finally, to the storied British brand Lotus, and it’s unanimous star of the show; the new Emira. While the electric Evija still looks totally fresh as it takes its place amongst the new ‘holy trinity’ with the Pininfarina Battista and the Rimac Nevera, the sweet-as-a-nut Emira, billed as the final internal combustion-engine or ICE Lotus, saw queues around the block to have a closer look. Very well judged with even better pricing (starting at under £60k), my head and my heart are both telling me that the new £100m Lotus production facility is going to have a job on its hands to keep up with demand…

What a welcome return to an automotive event: breathe a sign of relief, everyone! EV and hybrid reveals are soon to comfortably outnumber their ICE counterparts, but it seems that the public’s enthusiasm will never be eclipsed!