REALTIMERS: Graham Collier, Lead VFX Artist

Where do you fit in?

My role can be anything from simulating muscle systems and cloth to blowing things up, and then adding in a few water simulations, lava, nebulas, and even the odd galaxy. I love the variety of work in VFX and am always up for the next challenge while looking at improving and finding new ways to keep pushing up the level.

How did you get your start in the industry? 

I studied computer science and media technology at University, and I have always had a passion for working in VFX and animation. I bought a computer with my first student loan and set about teaching myself CG. For my final year group project, we completed a 10 minute fully CG animated cartoon using Lightwave. In 1998, after Uni I went to work in the games industry, creating pre-rendered cut scenes, which was another one of my passions. I had also done some freelance work for Realtime when they were just starting up and eventually went to Red Vision to work in TV. I spent over 9 years at Redvision working on several award winning shows. After Redvision, I went to REALTIME, where they were doing some amazing work, and I have never looked back.

Your superpower?

My superpower is speaking the secret language of Houdini.


What inspires you on the day-to-day? 

Thats simple, we get to work on some amazing projects at REALTIME, which is inspiration enough. However, working with such talented artists producing amazing concepts, animation, modeling, and lighting really inspires me to keep creating and developing my VFX work.

My desert island film / TV show / animation / game /artform / piece of artwork is: 

Jurassic Park or Terminator 2

Your soundtrack whilst working: 

Anything that rocks from the 80’s or 90’s. I also like listening to film and TV sound tracks and have even started listening to Kate Bush (Thanks to Stranger Things) .

If you could work with anyone who? 

I would love to have worked on the original Star Wars with all the geniuses at ILM.

If not this, then what? 

I can’t imagine doing anything else. I have always been driven and focused on my career in VFX.


I have always loved the quality and variety of work that REALTIME does, so I knew it would be a great place to further my career. The studio has a relaxed atmosphere, and everyone is really passionate about their work, which really shows in the great quality of content produced.

People would be surprised that..

I once did an ultra-sportive for fun. Whilst cycling 203 miles, climbing over 18,000ft and being chased by the Yorkshire Beast, I had a few second thoughts. Still, I managed to beat the beast with an hour to spare. It was my longest day in the saddle, with a total riding time of 13 hours and 54 mins.

Advice you’d give yourself if you were just starting out? 

Find something that you are passionate about, and then focus on learning and developing your skills for it. Work hard, be prepared to fail, learn from it, and keep moving forward towards your goals.

Lost Skies Trailer Wins Platinum at Muse Awards

Our trailer for Lost Skies has won platinum at the MUSE Awards! Huge congrats to our team and friends at Humble Bundle and Bossa Games.

A massive thanks also to Rumpus Animation and Justin Andree for all the support on this awesome project!

REALTIMERS: Doug Russel-Fisher, Production Coordinator

Name & job title:   

Doug Russel-Fisher – Production Coordinator


Where do you fit in?   

At REALTIME, I work in the TV/Episodic production team, helping coordinate the flow of work through the various pipeline steps and between internal and external teams. 

In life, wherever there is good music, good food, or good laughs  


How did you get your start in the industry?   

Same as everyone else… at the bottom! I’ve always wanted to work in film, but before I started, I was working in the city and hating every minute of it. I wanted something different, so I decided to give the film industry a proper go. With no formal education or experience in anything film-related, I wasn’t sure where or how I would fit, but I was lucky enough to get hired as a runner at a brilliant post facility in Soho. From there, I was immersed in all things post production and worked my way up to the production office, working with super talented and knowledgeable people on some awesome projects in both DI and VFX. 
Your superpower? 

Connecting with people: I like to find commonality with people in any way I can; whether through humour, shared interests, or just straight up empathy! I believe it not only helps build a better working relationship with someone, but also aids communication, which leads to better understanding and ultimately a better quality of work. It also makes work more fun!


What inspires you day-to-day?  

Oh man, what a question! So many things! In a nutshell; the people around me. At all levels, both professionally and personally, they’re doing and creating amazing things, which is a constant source of inspiration.  


My desert island film / TV show / animation / game /artform / piece of artwork is:   

Anything by the Coen Brothers or Paul Thomas Anderson, but if you had to push me for one: The Big Lebowski 


Your soundtrack whilst working:   

NTS Radio (if you know; you know!)—whether it’s their live channels, recorded shows, or their infinite mixtapes they have impeccable selections for all modes and moods. It’s nice to not have to think about what to put on, plus I’m always discovering so much amazing new (and old) music!


If you could work with anyone who?   

Spike Jonze – director, photographer, or maybe Hideo Kojima, legendary game director!


If not this, then what?   

I’d love to work in UI/UX design, maybe digital nomading out of a nicely converted van in some lovely country, getting out in nature whenever I please. That would be a swell existence. 



Initially, it was a case of right time, right place; I had been working with fairly basic 2D workflows but wanted a change, and RT luckily had room for me! I much prefer the depth of 3D/CG visual effects work; there’s so much to learn, and it’s always evolving as an artform, so your knowledge is constantly a work in progress. I also really enjoy getting to work in that sweet spot between art and science, where we use equal parts creativity and technicality to basically create magic.


People would be surprised that…   

I’m one of six kids (second youngest!) 


Advice you’d give yourself if you were just starting out?   

  1. Knowledge and experience can always be acquired; opportunities present themselves to those who make a good impression. 
  2. Don’t break yourself; you can’t fill from an empty cup! 
  3. Little wins become huge victories; celebrate yourself. 


Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island

Have you journeyed to Mêlée Island yet?

It was an honour to have worked with Rare and Lucasfilm Games on the announcement trailer for Rare Ltd’s Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island. Unveiled during the Xbox Showcase, this iconic crossover brings characters from the beloved Monkey Island series into the world of Sea of Thieves for the ultimate pirate adventure!

REALTIME team up with Codemasters for F1 23 ‘Braking Point 2’

Two years after the critically acclaimed F1® 2021, we have teamed up with our old friends at Codemasters once again for the eagerly anticipated F1® 2023 Braking Point 2. Our team crafted over fifty minutes of in-game cinematics using the latest in-engine solution and state-of-the-art performance capture tools.

Braking Point 2 allows players to immerse themselves in a compelling racing story that gives a unique peek behind the curtain of the world of Formula One. The story revolves again around rival drivers Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler, but with the added twist of them being teammates for the newly formed Konnersport Butler Racing Team, alongside a new female driver, Callie Mayer.

REALTIME was tasked with creating cutscenes that ranged from emotional character performances right through to on-track action, featuring intense races and high-speed collisions.

“The visual fidelity we were able to achieve this time around was a huge step up from F1 2021. Everything from the lighting to the skin shaders and facial animation, we advanced every single element of our render quality.” Says Ian Jones, CG Director.