'World of Tanks' Chinese Tanks Trailer

'World of Tanks' Chinese Tanks TrailerProject details

  • Director(s) Ian Jones
  • Client Wargaming.net

We have created an exciting new trailer to help with the launch a new tech tree for the latest version of ‘World of Tanks’. The addition of Chinese Tanks to the game is part of Wargaming’s ongoing strategy to continually generate fresh content for the game and one which has helped it amass over 40 million registered users worldwide. With the game now officially launched in China, the game’s popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

So what better way get across the message to its huge global community than with a cinematic trailer that shows all the detail and excitement of the game itself?

Copyright: Wargaming.net
Music by www.93steps.com

For more information on this project please contact our Account Director, Dave Cullinane on 01772 682363 or at dave@realtimeuk.com.