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Going for Goo!

25 November 2016

Our VFX wizards Graham Collier and Adrian Vickers give you a little insight into the VFX produced for Dropzone in their latest interview with SideFX

Here is a little snap shot, but you can see the full interview HERE

The exploding alien shots don’t come until the end of the trailer, but when they do they have immediate impact, with varying amounts of organic goo splashed around. In order to realise this kind of demise, REALTIME looked to Houdini’s Finite Elements solver for a ‘soft body’ approach.

“We loved the organic results we were getting,” says lead VFX artist Graham Collier. “So we started off by testing the Fractured Solid Object FEM tools. We got some very nice results from this so we exported the animated alien meshes into Houdini.”











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